Fitness Wearables: How do they work?

Fitness Wearables: How do they work?

Fitness Wearables: How do they work?

This blog gives an introduction to fitness wearables and what the connection with WeFitter is.

Keep track of your health

Research shows that 60% of the users of wearables feel like they have control over their own health by using a wearable. It is also believed that personalised notifications given by the wearable provides access to personalised care. The Food and Drug Administration cleared the EKG Software on Apple Watch. The software measures irregular heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation. It has the capacity to warn people and prematurely prevent a heart attack. Cardiologists say it is ineffective to measure heart ehythms with only one piece of technology, but it is however envouradged towards medical staff to make use of the help that a wearable provides.


How do they measure?

Fitness wearables measure different types of data in different ways. A wearable can be chosen depending on the data you like, the looks of the wearable or even the extra features it provides. Nowadays, most mobile phones have a health application that provides health data, which is considered a 'wearable' when an individuals carries the phone as well. Other types of fitness wearables are watches, rings, armbands or even patches in clothing. The health app on your mobile phone is perhaps not the most ideal indication of heart rate accuracy (for specific medical conditions, please make sure to check out clinical health devices), but has a great role in measuring daily steps and the number of floors climbed. In an emerging market, the opportunities are, of course, countless! We cannot wait to find out and share with you the new developments within the wearables market in the upcoming years!


WeFitter Connections

WeFitter encourages everybody to live a healthy life and continously aims to provide you with as many wearable connections as possible. You can choose your favorite wearable, or mix and match, and you are ready to start tracking your health progress using the WeFitter API. Do you feel like challenging your colleagues? That is of course possible, using the gamification API. 

Make sure to check out the list of available wearable connections here. Are you missing your wearable of choice from our list? Please let us know at, and we will do our best to integrate it!



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