Partner Highlights: Bupa x WeFitter

Partner Highlights: Bupa x WeFitter

Partner Highlights: Bupa x WeFitter


In this volume, we present our partner Bupa, and their journey to and with WeFitter. We are discussing their company, the market, giving information about their platform and solution, lastly giving insights from the interview we had with their CIO for the Mexico branch, Pablo Cubela. 

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By Zino Doornbos & Rodney Hummel

''We are very happy with the service and trust the WeFitter team. We are happy with the partnership and have high expectations of the future!''

In January, we had contact with Bupa to learn more about their app, the market and the partnership with WeFitter. We spoke with Pablo Cubela, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Bupa Mexico.

When asked about extending operations of Bupa Mexico, Pablo said the following: ''In 2021, Bupa Mexico acquired Vitamedica, one of the biggest medical providers in Mexico and in 2022, Bupa Mexico acquired its first hospital: Bité Medica.''

Previously, Bupa targeted a niche sector (AB+), but nowadays Bupa has more products and focuses on the ABC+ socioeconomic levels. Bupa serves their product B2B (corporate products) and B2C (directly to the customer).

We asked Pablo what the pain of the customer is, and he said: ''In Mexico, the healthcare costs are higher than the average salary, so people that are not insured can't pay for their healthcare.''

Bupa offers an extensive range of insurance products so they can adapt to the needs of each person. Bupa is a frontrunner in terms of digital healthcare.

''In our app, we do not only offer consultation, but also lots of other services. For example,  vital signs, which gives health advice or recommendations from some parameters using a phone.'' Pablo said when we talked about the range of services of Bupa.

He continued: ''Digital Healthy Minds, a mental health program set up by Bupa's subsidiary Sanitas in Spain and we want to import that to Mexico this year. It is one of the aims of the group to share technology. 



Bupa is a healthcare company with an innovative digital platform. The health insurance market has seen a shift towards the desire of a more all-round platform. Bupa has an innovative platform/app. Bupa has an active attitude regarding digitalisation and innovation. Adding healthcare services and aged care, Bupa aspires to make a difference with unique personalised care for members.


''Offering a premium healthcare solution with an all-round app and a frontrunner in terms of technology and digital services.'' Bupa originates from the UK 75 years ago. Bupa has more than 38 million clients around the world. Bupa Mexico has 350,000 customers and more than 19 years of experience in the market. The objective is to be the most customer centric healthcare company and digitalisation is a priority.


Achieved resultls after the integration are easy access to wearable connections and the possibility to easily launch more health/fitness related programs in the future. Bupa Mexico currently has WeFitter integrated in one program, Connected Health, but is planning to deploy more programs this year that will also use wearable connections. ''WeFitter is very accessible for people in Mexico because almost everyone has at least one wearable that they can connect through the WeFitter API. We are very happy with the list of connections.'' Pablo said when asked about the possibilities of the WeFitter API.

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