Connected users. Engaged communities. Healthy world.

One API to access wearable data, gamification and AI.

Healthier end-users, improved engagement and higher retention rates, created by wearable fueled gamification journeys.

Endless opportunities with easy access health data.


300+ connections from leading wearable brands in one API.


Boost engagement through unique gamified features.

AI Powered

Unique experiences for end-users; profiling, bio-age and more.


All in one place; create challenges, make teams, add connections.

Discover the benefits for your industry

  • Corporate Wellbeing

    The WeFitter API solution is ideal for corporate wellbeing programmes that want to ensure their employees' vitality is maintained throughout their daily work. While many employees fall into the habit of a sedentary work life, in hope of a successful career, most fail to realise that physical activity gives the energy to get there.


    • Monitor employee health
    • Employee engagement
    • Activate to move
  • Digital Fitness

    The WeFitter API offers a great way to create new features for your end-users. What better way than to measure physical results during workouts, during physical goals or even set up challenges to boost platform engagement.


    • Data driven fitness coaching
    • Profile for personalised experiences
    • Gamify fitness to boost the fun factor
  • e-Health

    The WeFitter API is a unique solution for all kinds of health related projects that seek to have remote patient monitoring, measure activity and heart rate levels at home and set-up challenges to activate end-users to move. With a data secure solution, you now have a great opportunity to boost the health of patients, end-users or employees.


    • Wearables transformed into medical devices
    • Predict and monitor health risks
    • Patient engagement and adherence
  • Insurance

    One of the biggest challenges for insurance companies is maintaining a long-term preventive care for end-users. Healthtech solutions have a positive impact on the long-term health of insurance customers, resulting in lower healthcare costs. Motivating customers with gamification features like challenges boosts the activity levels of the individual. 


    • Preventive action
    • Energising and proactive
    • Attract and retain customers


With WeFitter you can build your own customized health and fitness solutions fueled with health data from all our connected sources.

  • Get insights from all relevant health parameters in one simple integration.
  • Deduplicated & aggregated data from users of multiple sources simultaneously.
  • Maintain and receive new, fully scalable connections at a low cost.


WeFitter's API challenge engine will bring endless engagement to your platform. Combine our challenge set-ups into new ones based on your front-end and configure the details via our admin dashboard.

  • Improve customer retention & loyalty through gamification.
  • Build healthy & engaged communities within your platform.
  • Gamify your current platform via WeFitter and add new functionalities on the go.

AI Powered

We strive to optimise data by implementing AI features which provide end-users more personalised informaton

  • Individual profiling and recommendations.
  • Personalised gamification
  • Biological age scores


Administrative dashboard for personalisation: optimising the functionality to suit your wants and needs.

  • Add or remove all necessary connections.
  • Set-up profiles for users and optimise the score system.
  • Create challenges and teams, amongst all other functions.

Get integrated

Find out how the product is integrated. The Developer portal provides you with guides, documentation, changelog and support. 


Healthy people everywhere

WeFitter wants to make the world a healthier place. Currently we are active in:

  • 30+ countries
  • 4+ focus markets
  • 300+ connections

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