Developer FAQ

  • I want to put a challenge where teams can compete with each other without a goal, but based on who got the most score. How can I do this?

    This is called as ‘team leaderboard challenge’, you should create a team challenge without any goal. Hence keep the goal field empty.


  • Does WeFitter API also provides Webhooks?

    Yes, we provide webhooks. For more information, please consult the API Implementation Guide, looking at the Webhooks section.

  • How can I integrate Apple health in my web application?

    Apple Health is not a part of the API but a separate SDK which needs to be integrated to an App. Hence, Apple Health cannot be integrated to a web application.

    For more information, please contact

  • How can I make a connection with AppleHealth? I do not see it in the connection slugs list.

    Apple Health is an SDK connection. Please connect with to receive the package from us.

  • The activity I finished is appearing twice, from two different wearables/apps. What can I do?

    WeFitter is making use of data deduplication, in order to ensure your comfortable use of multiple connections and platforms. Sometimes, partner connections are tracking the activity differently. If you are facing duplicated data, please get in touch via

  • What do I do if I get the API: Error 403 when running API to create profile and connect to GoogleFit? Why is this happening?

    There are two options .

    1. The user is not using the correct token.

    2. This is due to source API providers banning webviews on mobile devices on authentication. Please see the following guide ( on how to address this issue by using native browsers instead.

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