Enduser FAQ

  • I forgot my login details. But I really want to participate in the challenges. What should I do?

    You need to re-set your password using the “forgot password” function in the app.

  • Data is not syncing completely/data is partially missing from the wearable/app to the WeFitter app. Now what?

    Different connections have different syncing times. If the connection is GoogleFit - please wait up until 24h for the data to sync; If the connection is Samsung health - you have to open the Samsung health for the data to sync. For other connections, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting with the wearable.

    Sometimes, the data might not be loading fully (e.g. in the case of leaderboards) due to the scope of the challenge which is not consistent with the data model of a specific connection. Please contact us for further support!

  • My GoogleFit data does not match the WeFitter app.

    The WeFitter API uses the GoogleFit calendar to synchronize with the timezone. If the Google calendar of the enduser is not synchronized with the actual activities, then it will create wrong data aggregation.

  • I cannot retrieve steps from Strava?

    Strava does not provide Steps as a data source. You can use Fitbit App for counting steps. Fitbit App uses the accelerometer in your mobile to count the step. Hence you do not need a wearable/band for counting your steps. Just carry your mobile with you.

    You can consult the data source available on the developer portal.

  • I do not see my step data from morning. What should I do?

    WeFitter tries to keep the data transfers as real-time as possible. However, sometime servers connections work slower than expected. Hence it is wise to wait for 24 hours before writing a complain to your admin.

  • Which apps or devices can I use to use Wefitter?

    WeFitter can be connect with 240+ devices. For overview please have a look at our data model.

  • I have Samsung health wearable. How can I connect it with WeFitter?

    There are two ways in which you can connect Samsung Health with WeFitter:

    1. You can connect Samsung Health to Strava and Strava to WeFitter.

    2. You can connect Samsung Health to an HealthSync App and connect this App to GoogleFit. GoogleFit then can be connected to WeFitter.

    3. When available, you can request our Samsung Health SDK.


  • I am a Polar user. I forgot my login details. I created new account however my polar is still connected to old account. What should I do?

    On your Polar account, you have to revoke the access to WeFitter, and then make a new connection on the new profile.

  • I cant see the ‘Hiking’ activity, I only see running activities when I record Hiking. Why is that?

    The workout provided by different Wearable often do not match with another wearable. For example, Crossfit can be tracked by using Google-Fit but not by Fitbit. For this reason, WeFitter combines different workouts into one. Hence, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, mountain biking will count as cycling workout. Hiking workout counts in ‘running’ in WeFitter.

  • The activity I finished is appearing twice, from two different wearables/apps. What can I do?

    Please contact your APP provider (the company you are taking part in).

  • The workout I just completed is not added to the challenge

    The challenge set-up influences the leaderboard and data aggregation for an end-user. If the connection of the user does not track specific parameters (e.g. Polar does not track distance on daily summaries, but steps), then the data of the user will not be synced.

  • There is no data coming from the wearable/app to the WeFitter app

    Steps you can follow:

    1. check the correct permissions of the app

    2. please disconnect and reconnect when reconnecting, select all the possible check-boxes.

    If this still does not solve the issue, please contact support@wefitter.com

  • I want WeFitter to delete my data. Is that possible?

    You have to let your company know that you want to delete your data. They can ask us to do it on your behalf.

    Important! If you delete your profile, we will also erase all the data that corresponds to your profile.

  • What is the difference between Daily summaries and Activities?

    In simple words, activities are equivalent to timed workouts that you do in a day and Daily summaries is statics of your daily movement. For example, one hour of recorded walking session will be an activity. And, this walking activity + walking done from your kitchen to living room or any other movement in the day will count in your daily summaries.

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