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Apple Health is the default health app on iOS devices. Everyone with an iPhone has access to Apple Health and can track their physical activity with this app. Whenever someone buys an Apple Watch, the data from the Apple Watch is sent to Apple Health.

To integrate Apple Health into your app you need to add a WeFitter plugin into your app. This plugin uses the WeFitter profile of your enduser to send data from Apple Health to WeFitter.

Do you want to know more? Check out the website of Apple Health.



  •  - Minimum deployment target iOS 11.3



In Xcode for your target:

  •  - Set the minimum deployment target to at least iOS 11.3
  •  - Add HealthKit in Signing & Capabilities and enable Background Delivery
  •  - Add Privacy - Health Share Usage Description in Info.plist with an appropriate message
  •  - Add Privacy - Health Update Usage Description in Info.plist with an appropriate message
  •  - Add an Objective-C bridging header file (more info here)


Next step

To continue implementing please see the instructions depending on how you are building your app:

    - Native
    - Cordova
    - React Native

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