Suunto x WeFitter

Suunto x WeFitter

We are connected: Suunto is now part of the WeFitter connections! 

We have been working intensively on bringing in a new connection, and the day has come to announce it: Suunto is available via WeFitter. 

After a first Beta version, we are now fully live with the Suunto connection through the WeFitter API.

For API-users the Suunto connection can be requested at

More about Suunto: 

Suunto was founded more than 80 years ago by a Finnish adventurer that created a more accurate compass. He always found his way. Suunto believes in the reliability of it's products. In times of war in 1939, a Finnish soldier was shot by a sniper, but the bullet hit his Suunto compass and he survived. Suunto is known for its performance in extreme conditions, which is common in Finland. It is a great place to test their own products!

Do you want to know more? Check out the website of Suunto, get the app, and make the connection with WeFitter to explore all the possibilities in a cross-platform environment!


Let's make IT fit!

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